This Mini Portable Camping Rocket Stove Is Your Best Choice When You Are Cooking Outdoor

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Many people love outdoor or camping lives. Some of them love cooking.

So when they cook outside,What is necessary?

The answer is a mini portable rocket stove that can be fired with wood.

IMG 0535

Let’s see the highlight of the mini portable camping rocket stove.

1.Chinese traditional tenon and mortise structure design:

This product is designed for 0 fastening screws.

mini portable camping rocket stove

2.Large support surface, strong and durable:

mini portable camping rocket stove

The product has a height of 0.46 meters and a designed support area of 0.66 square meters. And the maximum measured pressure of this product is 160kg.

It applies for different cookware,like frying pan or dutch oven. (Specially designed support insert can be turned over)

3.Quality material:

High quality low carbon steel is main material, exterior surface treatment using High temperature resistant 800°C black matte paint.

mini portable camping rocket stove


4.Easy to carry,“BAG-Shaped”design

When it disassembled the rocket stove becomes a ”BAG”, you could see how easy to carry for camping.

mini portable camping rocket stove

Author: Mandy Ren
Author: Mandy
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