Geovein Viridian Green Color High Quality Glossy Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish

  • Compared with normal enamel,glossy enamel coating is more beautiful.You could distinguish it easily from normal enamel cookware.
  • The casserole dish makes a thoughtful housewarming present or a wholesome birthday gift for cooking enthusiast.
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The cast iron casserole dish features smooth porcelain enamel coating,provides a great heat conductor.And it proven to effectively distribute & retain heat for an even & consistent temperature throughout the entire pot.Excellent for slow cooking soups,stews & chili or anything you can cook in it.
Professional grade cast iron holds heat and distributes heat evenly for perfect cook.Safe to cook,roast,fry,saute,pan-fry,braise,prep and bake on gas,induction,glass ceramic and electric stove tops/cooktops.
Our high quality BPA free enamel coating is great for cooking and is also a perfect nonstick alternative to Teflon and other toxic coated pots and pans,you can just use hot water to clean it simply.