GEOVEIN Round Enamel Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan Set of 3

  • Nonstick coating: The glossy, nonstick surface is perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, braising, stewing, baking and more! Using a lower heat setting will prevent food from sticking.
  • Heat safe up to 500° F: The frying pan set is heat-safe at high temperatures up to 500°
  • Pour spouts: Two pour spouts are perfect for pouring sauce and drippings with no mess!
  • Versatile Cooking: Enameled cast iron can be used on nearly all cooking surfaces, including induction, electric, gas and ceramic stoves; except for microwave oven.
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This frying pan set has 3 sizes, like 6” diameter red, 8” diameter blue and 10” diameter yellow . These three different sizes can meet different families’ demand, for frying the egg, the couple’s meal or the whole family’s food.
And the enamel coating makes the pan look beautiful, add colors for your kitchen and your life.
Convenient maintenance and easy cleanup and dishwasher safe.