GEOVEIN New Arrival Cast Iron Turkey Hot Pot Chicken Roaster

  • This chicken roaster has an aromatic cone in the middle. This cone has enough space for broth, beer and herb mixes. Pure aroma!
  • The drip tray collects dripping grease. Use it and pour it back onto your poultry. This will give it a crispy skin.
  • The roaster weighs 4.0 kg and has an external dimension of 35 x 30 x 11cm.
  • This heavy cast iron chicken holder is pre-seasoned and can be used immediately.
  • This roasting pan is ideal for poultry such as chicken, duck, turkey or goose. Grilled chicken or beer chicken can be ideally prepared with the roaster.
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For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron.
Here you will find enough space for brewing, beer and spice mixtures.
The collection tray catches dripping fat. Use this and pour it over your poultry again. This will give you a crispy skin.
The chicken grill is pre-seasoned and can be used immediately.

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