GEOVEIN Durable Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser (Red Bamboo Weave Pattern)

  • Cast iron teapot improved the boiling point, and extended the insulation time.
  • High boiling point enhances the aroma of tea.
  • Make the water more softer and sweeter.
  • In the process of boiling water, the cast iron teapot can release iron which our body need.
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Cast iron teapot is with Red Bamboo Weave Pattern of the Japanese iron kettle on the surface.
It is the necessary decoration to any kitchen.
It is a masterful collection for tea lovers.
Cast iron teapot could break down the element of Fe2+, which is beneficial to your body.
Cast iron teapot also has long heat preservation.
So the water after boiled by our cast iron teapot can be more sweeter and softer, which is suitable for all kinds of tea making or other drinks making.

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