GEOVEIN- Chef Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Camping Pot

  • The Three Legged Cast Iron Pot /South Africa Potjie allows you to avoid the toxic fumes that accompany most cookware. Cast iron can also replace aluminum cookware, which may also pose health hazards.
  • You can actually boost your iron intake from eating food cooked in mini cast iron cauldron. This vital mineral is crucial for maintaining energy levels, and it helps strengthen immune systems.
  • Cast iron is sturdy and wears well. Since it does not scratch, there is no need to use plastic utensils, and there is no fear of using your silverware to stir or scoop.
  • In an emergency, mini cauldron can be used over any heat source. As such, many disaster planning lists include cast iron bakeware as the survival cookware of choice.
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GEOVEIN cast iron camping pot is the one of our best selling item. There are five types and many sizes of this pot.

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