GEOVEIN- Amazon Hot Selling Cast Iron Sizzling Pan Steak Fried with Wooden Tray

  • Pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking (though coating first with oil or spray is recommended)
  • Includes 28*19*3cmoval pan, pine wood base, prevent burns and detachable handle
  • Cast-iron surface conducts heat better than other materials; surface grows more stick-resistant with use
  • The right tool to sear, bake, broil, fry or grill at home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over the campfire.
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Hot Cast Iron Skillet Set: Ribbed with pouring spouts to drain away fat and grease; Even heat distribution cast iron plate iron skillet set; Sizzling platter absorbs and retains heat for sizzling plate serving oval skillet

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