Classical Marble Mortar and Pestle Accessory Set

– Mortar and Pestle –

  • Two sides allow for separating the flavors, easy cleaning and excellent mortar stability.
  • Use shallow side for smaller quantities and ingredients like peppercorns and spices.
  • Use the deeper side for making dishes and marinades and grinding large ingredients such as herbs and coffee beans.
  • Flip the pestle for more efficient grinding and mashing.

– Silicone lid/mat –

  • Use as a placemat while utilizing the mortar to protect your countertop.
  • Use as a lid once cooked to preserve the freshness of your dish.

– Wooden spoon –

  • Use for stirring, mixing and sampling your dish.
  • Will not interfere with natural food flavors or oxidize them
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This stoneware set is hot selling on Amazon.
Marble Mortar and Pestle Accessory Set includes one unique double sided mortar,one solid stone pestle,one silicone lid/mat and one wooden spoon.
It allows to use both sides to separate the flavors and smells.
EASY TO USE kitchen tool that grinds and crushes spices, herbs, salt, coffee beans and even pills and creates dishes like guacamole, curry, pastes, dips, dressings, seasonings and more.

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