6-Piece Durable Scraper Plastic Set Tool And Silicone Handles For Cast Iron Cookware

  • Scraper is constructed high-performance plastic polycarbonate,Heat resistant to 275°F,non-crack,non-stick,heat-resistant non-deformation,a handy cooking companion in your kitchen.
  • Grill pan scrapers has teeth designed to fit any grill pan,straight edges and curves for flat and curved areas; scrapers have 2 different shaped corners for cleaning any shaped pan,plates,pots,also ideal gum,sticker remover.
  • Hot Handle Holder Widely Using: Silicone long hot handle holder is designed to fits handle skillets and traditional-style skillets.
  • 6-in-1 family pack make your purchase easier and more economical.
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This 6-Piece cookware accessories are used for all pots and pans in the kitchen, iron skillet, grill pan, Cast Iron Dutch Oven, baking pan, teapot,cauldron, tortilla press and so on.

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