GEOVEIN- 8Inch Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Tortillar Press with handle

  • With a sleek, leveled surface, corn and flour dough are easy to press evenly into the perfect shape for an Instagramable meal.
  • we all know its a healthy cookware,when seasoned cast iron cookware is used ,the trace amount of iron that are released to the food is beneficial for our health.
  • Versatille applications for all flour, corn, pancake and other breaded food prep
  • Smooth flat is easy to clean and make food.
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GEOVEIN Cast Iron Press is designed for an easy and even pressing. New & improved base and handle for resistance. Three sizes of 7Inch, 8inch, 10Inch press which makes you a bigger tortilla than other presses. Great for tortillas, patacones, tostones, empanadas, arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells and so on. This press comes pre-seasoned with an organic flaxseed oil which requires low maintenance.
As everyone knows that cast iron cookware is a favorite in our kitchen ,why it is a good choice for many types of dishes ?

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