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Bread - Geovein

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Smooth polished cast iron cookware

With the booming development of cast iron cookware and also on the high request of the application, we researched and developed a new technology for surface treatment. It could give you a distinguished use of feelings. satin-smooth surface gives it a natural non-stick feature and grape seed oil pre-seasoned makes it a healthy and deluxe product with a bronze and glossy appearance.

Smooth polished cast iron cookware products by Geovein

We would like to offer ODM and OEM Service for customers from all over the world.

For the polished service based on cast iron cookware, We can realize the internal polishing,external polishing and bottom polishing.

GEOVEIN - Bread- Oem Odm Cookware Set Manufacturer

10+ Years experience
Welcome to Zhengding Geovein import & Export Co., Ltd.

  1. OEM and ODM service.
  2. 100+ customized molds development experience.
  3. Mature product solutions for Amazon Sellers.
  4. 1800 tons per month of rough casting cookware capacity.
  5. Whole process quality inspection to ensure the excellence of products.

We warmly welcome customers from abroad to cooperate with us for the future request.

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Any style cookware that you want, we will do our best to help you to realize it.