Smooth polished cast iron cookware

With the booming development of cast iron cookware and also on the high request of the application we researched and developed a new technology of the surface treatment. It could give you a distinguished use feelings. Satin-smooth surface gives it a natural non-stick feature and grape seed oil pre-seasoned makes it a healthy and deluxe products with bronze and glossy appearance.

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Why We Do These Smooth Cast Iron Dutch Oven&Pans

“My grandma said it would be perfect if we have a skillet or dutch oven very smooth when we bought them”, not only one customer said this to us. It touched us and we determined to do it though there haven’t one factory done it well.

The difficult thing is to polish it very smooth and also flat at the bottom. The most important is the transition area from the edge to the bottom. It took us a lot of time and energy to make it perfect as it is now.

We feel very delighted when people take our skillets with an amazing face: it could be so beautiful! It is shining with a golden color and very smooth and flat bottom, even for the transition area from the edge to the bottom, it could be so smooth and comfortable!

We feel happy most is that so many families enjoying cooking and their life with our skillet and dutch ovens!