Smooth polished cast iron cookware

With the booming development of cast iron cookware and also on the high request of the application we researched and developed a new technology of the surface treatment. It could give you a distinguished use feelings. Satin-smooth surface gives it a natural non-stick feature and grape seed oil pre-seasoned makes it a healthy and deluxe products with bronze and glossy appearance.

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Smooth polished cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware is a high-end product in the cookware category, such as enamel brand lecreuset, vegetable oil brand Lodge.
Polishing products are subdivided products in the high-end cookware category.

Polishing technology is upgrading existing cast iron cookware.
-Smooth Surface
-Nont-stick function is more stronger
-Easy to clean
【Solve the vegetable oil cookware pain point: Surface is rough,Easy to stick,Difficult to clean.】
【Solve the enamel cookware pain point: Enamel coating easy to chip.】

There are some similar products on the market now.
Such as Finex,Smithey,Lancaster etc.
They are made in America,but at a high price.
Such products are in the stage of new product development,Huge Market Space,Little Competition,Have Great Pricing Autonomy.

Geovein Co., is the first research and development of cast iron polished products,realize successful mass production and drive it to market.

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