How to use your polished cast-iron cookware

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Let’s start by saying: Your smooth polished cast-iron cookware surface will be getting better and better after every use.

Use We know they’re pretty, the more you use your cast iron, the dryer, harder and more dense your mature seasoning will get. When you cook, you can see the eggs float iff this polished bottom. Interesting!

Rust & Re-Seasoning

MINOR RUST SPOTS Over time there will be those.

Scrub with steel wool, wash with water and dash of soap, dry it carefully, and re-oil your heirloom in the making.

RE-SEASONING We apply our proprietary oil blend in our commercial kitchen using high-temperature ovens. seriously damaged we don’t recommend stripping it but instead suggest applying additional layers of seasoning.

Wash the pan and dry thoroughly. Place it in the oven and set the temperature for 200º. When the oven comes to 200º, remove the pan and reset the oven to 500º. The pan may not be cool enough to touch, so use an old oven mitt while handling.

Your smooth polished cast iron will change over time. The seasoning will change and the color will darken to a rich black. Please don’t worry, as we said in the beginning, the surface will get better and better after use! And there is no coating, it will last generations and has a slick surface.

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