How to clean your Polished Cast Iron Pan

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Let’s start by saying: Your smooth polished cast-iron cookware surface will be going better and better after every use . And it is going to last a long, long time.

First, wash your smooth polished pan.

If you know anything here, let it be this mantra of a maintenance routine: keep it clean, keep it dry, keep it oiled.

CLEAN Yes, you can use soap. Yes, you can scrub the hell out of your pan. And yes, some of your seasoning might disappear in the process, but that’s okay—you’re working toward a progressive patina, it won’t happen overnight. The oil or fat from your next meal will build on that process. But in between, keep the pan clean, which helps keep the surface smooth. Remember to fully dry . Super easy cleanup !

DRY Immediately after washing, heat your pan on the stove. This will evaporate any residual water in just a matter of minutes. Add oil and place over low heat to accelerate a mature seasoning .

OILED Immediately after drying, while the pan is still warm, lightly coat all surfaces with refined oil. You are applying this oil to protect the pan’s surface. It is a tool for you.

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