What are the advantage of customization?
Whether it’s a start-ups or big brands, you definitely to have personalized product options to extend your product lines and increase sales.
So Customized products will bring you your own market and profit, and we only produce it for you.

So how to customize?
1.Send us your design drawing and then we’ll make a sample to you after the mold production is finished.
2.Send us the image of the product you want or tell me what you think.

Example (1)

Geovein cookware 01

Example (2)

Geovein cookware 02


What are our preferential policies?

We offer a discount for Opening New Molds which will give you great support . If you want to know, pls contact us.

Geovein Jessy

Author: Jessy Zhou
Email: betty@geovein.com
Phone and Whatsapp number: +86 1503211 1201